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For Pelvic floor therapy and Medical Weight Loss- please make appointment at 214-942-3740

A Convenient Procedure to

Screen and Prevent Cancer

Furthermore, it lessens painful reactions and complications, shortens hospital stays, and speeds up recovery.


If you are over 45, have a family history of cancer or a personal history of polyps and have NO GI symtpoms, consider a direct access colonoscopy

Direct Access Colonoscopy: Steps to scheduling

  1. Please call 214-942-3740 and leave your name and request with the auto-attendant
  2. Our staff will call you back, get your personal information, including your email address, and invite you to a patient portal
  3. You will be given an appointment for "Nurse visit". You can access your portal to enter your medical information a few days prior to this appointment- please see the video linked below.
  4. If Dr. Toker has done a prior colonoscopy for you, your visit will be via the phone with our triage nurse. If you are new to the practice, you will be scheduled a telemedicine visit with a practitioner and this is a formal visit to collect all important medical and surgical history, allergies, and medications.
  5. Please remember: 7 days prior to this appointment, Log on to the patient portal, checkin online for your "appointment", and sign the consent forms and answer the questions as described in this video (Let us know if you struggle, we will call you to help)
  6. Once the self-checkin process is completed, our staff will call to confirm the information and get you a date and time for the procedure
  7. Watch the videos below about the bowel prep and the procedure itself
  8. Your prescription will be called to an out of state pharmacy in Ohio called Gift Health RX (833-614-4438) that will mail you the prescription- no more waiting in line at the pharmacy or waiting for pre-authorizations from insurance! (If this approach is not feasible for you, you can do the miralax prep as described below) If your phone blocks calls that are not in your contact list, please put Gift Health RX in your contact list
  9. Avoid aspirin or blood thinning medications for one week prior to the procedure unless directed otherwise by your primary care doctor
  10. Follow the prep instructions as described in the video below
  11. Arrive when the facility tells you to arrive- the OR schedule does change sometimes without Dr. Toker's input

If you have a medical symptom, you should make an appointment with Dr. Toker and not go through the direct access process

Cologuard vs Colonoscopy

In this video, I discuss how Cologuard is a pre-screening colon cancer test. It counts as your cancer screening test for most insurances, so, if your test is positive (30% chance it will be) then you need a diagnostic colonoscopy to find the potential polyp or tumor. Consult with your insurance company regarding costs. It may be more cost effective to you to have a screening colonoscopy. 

Colonoscopy bowel prep and procedure information

Bowel Prep for colonoscopy

The worst part of a colonoscopy is the bowel prep. In this video I explain the process of a bowel prep.

If your insurance does not cover the bowel prep, or if your portion of the cost is prohibitive, you can use miralax as a prep. You will need 2 large bottles of miralax powder. Beginning at 3 PM you will mix 1 capful of powder into 8 ounces of gatorade (not red) and drink the entire glass. Repeat drinking a glass of miralax mixture every 15 minutes until your stool turns clear like apple juice. This will take typically 1 1/2- 2 bottles of powder in 3-4 liters of fluid to accomplish.

Colonscopy procedure details

In this video I explain the nature of a colonscopy, how to prepare for it, the risks, and the benefits.

To schedule a colonoscopy, we need to know your medical history to make sure we schedule the procedure properly as a normal risk colonoscopy or a high risk colonoscopy (personal history of polyps or cancer, family history of cancer). This procedure requires anesthesia, so we will need to know your height, weight, medications, and anesthesia risk factors. Finally, we need accurate insurance information. The insurance reimbursement for this procedure is based on your personal history and your insurance contract. Please contract your insurer to get details about what they will and will not cover. In some instances, based on the above information, we can schedule this procedure from history alone without a doctors visit. All diagnostic procedures require a meeting in person or by telemed prior to the procedure.

Lets get those assets checked!

Colorectal Colonoscopy for Cancer Screening and Prevention 

I also offer colorectal colonoscopy here at Anna Toker, MD in Mansfield, Texas. This procedure screens for cancer at an early stage and prevents it from spreading further. 

Watch the above videos for details on the preparation- but if you want the abbreviated version:

Step 1) day before surgery you may eat a small breakfast, then start a clear liquid diet at 9 AM. You will stay on this clear liquid diet until 4 hours prior to your procedure (please discuss your routine medications with Dr. Toker in regards to how to take those)

Step 2) the day before the procedure you will take your prep. Each prep dose consists of 12 pills which should be consumed with water over a 30 minute period of time by taking 2 pills at a time with 4 ounces of water every five minutes until the bottle of pills is empty. Take the first dose of 12 pills at 3 PM  and the second dose at 7 PM (this is different than what the published instructions on the box tell you to do)

Step 3) nothing by mouth for 4 hours before the procedure

Step 4) come to facility 2 hours early and someone will have to drive you home

Step 5) after the procedure you may resume a normal diet but can not operate machinery or drive for 24 hours

Learn More About Anorectal Surgery